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15th August 2005 21:30:21 GMT
Blog Entry for 15 August 2005 21:30:21 GMT
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
One small addition - ensuring images embedded in blogs, forum posts and guestbook entries are valid.  Images must be valid jpegs or gifs, and no larger than 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall.

For example, the code...



...generates the following...


The first works because the image is a valid gif and is only 81 * 79 pixels.  The second isn't a valid image file, and the third is too large (828 * 1,024 pixels).

I should probably implement some method of entering mark-up tags without having them turned into HTML.  It'd save me having to fool the parser by placing a space in the opening tag.
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