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28th December 2006 03:26:02 GMT
Blog entry for 28 December 2006 03:26:02 GMT
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
The client-side data validation has finally been put back.  It differs from that of the old site as it uses regular expressions to parse e-mail addresses, numeric values, non-special values, and username/passwords.

Check it out...

    return "* " + title + " must be a valid e-mail address.";

The client-side and server-side data validation code is now almost identical.  When writing a page the author has only to describe the data once and the data is parsed both before and after it's submitted automatically.

The menu on the left has also been altered slightly to make it stand out more, and the image at the top has been renamed from banner.gif to logo.gif because the Firefox plug-in Adblock Plus was blocking images with "banner" in the name.

Finally, the AJAX chatroom is up.  It's not quite finished - the red box on the right will one day list active users.

Messages are pulled from the database as XML by calling the chatMessages.php file.  This gets the 100 most recent messages less than a day old.
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