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7th August 2005 19:02:10 GMT
Blog Entry for 7 August 2005 19:02:10 GMT
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
A couple of new rich text features...

[ image]/old/piccies/Cat%2002.gif[/image]

Embedding a fully-qualified URL between image tags will create an img tag for that URL.  I should probably add some code that rules out non-jpeg/gifs and images that are too large.

Also, the link and email tags have been adapted so that a user may choose to be more descriptive in their links.

Old link: [ link][/link]
New link: My Website [ link=]My Website[/link]

Old e-mail: [email][/email] [ email][/email]
New e-mail: []E-mail Me[/email] []E-mail Me[/email]

Of course, embedding an image in a link works perfectly, too...

[ link=][ image]/old/piccies/cat4a.gif[/image][/link]
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