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2nd September 2005 00:54:48 GMT
Blog Entry for 2 September 2005 00:54:48 GMT
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
The entire site has been (hopefully) brought up to XHTML v1.0 strict specifications.  This has meant that a couple of features have been sacrificed:

1.  Hyperlinks cannot open in different frames.  I've had to bend the rules slightly to allow the "Return to the homepage" link in the chatroom to redirect to the parent.

2.  <font> tags are not allowed at all which means that the rich-text in forum posts, and the guestbook and blog entries, are now <span>s with in-line stylesheets - something I've been keen to avoid for compatibility with Netscape v4.

Finally, the userinfo page has been broken up into a profile page and a settings page.  The profile page lists threads started / contributed to, and the settings page allows a user's avatar and signature to be changed.
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