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12th November 2006 02:44:30 GMT
Blog entry for 12 November 2006 02:44:30 GMT
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
I've finally put the font-sizing option back into the rich text.  A complete list of formatting tags can be found here (*note: this opens in a new window).

Text can now be really small, small, regular, big and really big.

This was removed because of the XHTML v1.1 standard not allowing <font> tags.  Previously [size=n][/size] was translated into <font size="n"></font> by the rich-text parsing code.  The new code uses <span style="font-size: n%;"> instead, with 60%, 80%, 100%, 140% and 180% used for the five values.

And now the whole site is XHTML v1.1 compliant as can be seen by clicking this button or the one in the lower-right of each page:

"Prepare for an oblivion for which there is no preparation." - O'Malley (Red Vs Blue)

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