Welcome to Rob Hall Online, I am Rob Hall and this is my website.

It was originally designed as a demonstration of my web-development skills for the benefit of potential employers, but I like to think the site has become much more.

The site features a blog, guestbook, chatroom, forum, tutorials, and code samples, all written from scratch by me.

Anyone can view the blog, view/sign the guestbook, view the chatroom, forums, tutorials, and code samples, but only registered users can post chat messages, and add forums threads / posts.  Registering requires only a unique name and a password, after which you're automatically redirected back to the page you came from (or the home page if that fails), only now you have a couple more features.

So enjoy yourself, laugh at my poor design skills, and sign the guestbook!


25th February 2005 00:53:43 GMT
Completed rich text input.  Text can be five different sizes and sixteen colours.  Also, fully-qualified URLs are converted to hyperlinks, and missing closing tags are added automatically.

Discovered a bug in the tag parsing: closing tags without corresponding opening tags caused an infinite loop.  This has been resolved.
15th February 2005 04:52:28 GMT
The menu has been completely returned to the old system.  It still looks a little weird in Firefox, but it's as close as it's going to get to IE without masses of JavaScript.
15th February 2005 04:50:12 GMT
Now added rich text to the blog entries, contact page, guestbook and forum posts.

Users can now have bold text, italics, underlined text, strikedthrough text and hyperlinks: http://www.robertdhall.com/ .

The system was lifted mostly from http://www.hypersonicscream.com/ and http://www.redvsblue.com/ .
11th February 2005 03:11:19 GMT
After signing in, up or out, users are returned to the page they were on when they clicked the link.
11th February 2005 03:07:58 GMT
Added editing and deleting of forums, threads and posts for administrators.  Deleting threads will delete all posts belonging to that thread.  Likewise, deleting forums will delete all threads and posts belonging to that forum.
11th February 2005 00:04:18 GMT
Finally allowed carriage returns in forum entries.  This was done by swapping ASCII 13 and ASCII 10 for .  Thus...

str_replace(chr(13).chr(10), ", $txt);
10th February 2005 23:21:22 GMT
I altered the menu technology thinking that it would look the same in IE6 and Firefox.  Unfortunately it hasn't worked so tomorrow I'm going to change everything back.

I've added summary pages for Past Projects, Current Projects and Code Samples.  At the moment they're just a heading and a screenshot but (hopefully) that will one day change.

The forums has been completely rebuilt to support multiple forums (now renamed threads).  Currently, posts cannot be edited and there's no pagination.  Also, the main forums page doesn't show how many posts are in that forum, only how many threads.
7th February 2005 12:14:45 GMT
Altered the way in which JavaScript determines which form elements are required fields.  If a form contains an element called requiredFields, it's value is used as a binary list of elements, with a 1 for required and a 0 for not required.

So far, the only forms to use this are the add guestbook entry and add contact message forms.
7th February 2005 11:17:25 GMT
Finally added a decent menu which is held in a single .inc file for portability.  All of the JavaScript is in scripts.js, also for portability.
20th December 2004 08:08:37 GMT
After a brief hiatus I'm back and I've fixed flaws with the new pagination.

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