Welcome to Rob Hall Online, I am Rob Hall and this is my website.

It was originally designed as a demonstration of my web-development skills for the benefit of potential employers, but I like to think the site has become much more.

The site features a blog, guestbook, chatroom, forum, tutorials, and code samples, all written from scratch by me.

Anyone can view the blog, view/sign the guestbook, view the chatroom, forums, tutorials, and code samples, but only registered users can post chat messages, and add forums threads / posts.  Registering requires only a unique name and a password, after which you're automatically redirected back to the page you came from (or the home page if that fails), only now you have a couple more features.

So enjoy yourself, laugh at my poor design skills, and sign the guestbook!


13th December 2004 06:11:12 GMT
Finally added decent pagination to the blogs, guestbook, forums and forum replies.  The only problem was allowing editing of entries not on the first page.  This has been (hopefully) sorted.
10th December 2004 05:35:34 GMT
Lots of updates this time: the JavaScript has been made more modular and moved into an external file.  This was at the expense of some functionality that has, unfortunately, been moved server-side.

Whilst working on Need To Talk I discovered a far more efficient method of data-validation, so that side of the site has been updated too.  A profile page now exists allowing users to: change their password; see a list of forums they've started / contributed to; and to edit the signature that is automatically added to their postings in the forums.
8th December 2004 16:46:02 GMT
In the forums hammerstein04 recommended strip_tags() as a way of removing malicious code from postings.  I think this is over doing it and doesn't allow for comedic pseudo-HTML tom-foolery.  <insincere>Thank for for your input, hammerstein04.</insincere>
7th December 2004 01:32:57 GMT
On the advice of hammerstein04 I've made the individual blog entries slightly more obvious.  It still looks rubbish but at least they stand out a bit more than before.  Maybe I should freelance out the creative side :)
5th December 2004 05:58:22 GMT
Things to do: replace the ubiquitious 'index.php'; with a proper menu.  Maybe add a drawMenu() function in a central location to keep it the same on every page.
5th December 2004 05:52:53 GMT
Added paging to the blogs.  Adding editing to the blogs, guestbook, forum replies (but not the forums themselves).  Adapted the admin page allowing users to be upgraded to administrators, and administrators to be downgraded to users.  Allowed registered users to add forum topics but not delete them.  I must remember to make a note of who started a discussion and display that on the forums page.
4th December 2004 12:25:21 GMT
I should also allow administrators to edit blog, guestbook and forum entries.  At the moment entries can only be added or deleted.
4th December 2004 12:21:48 GMT
I've added a basic forum and chatroom.  At the moment only the admiistrator can make new forums, but I'll probably change this to users who have made more than 10 entries.  The additions aren't quite perfect.  There's no client-side data validation and there's no paging.
2nd December 2004 23:09:49 GMT
More code samples have gone up.  This time it's the Angst Technologyâ„¢ loader, the ASCII chart, and the bubbles and cube demos.
2nd December 2004 23:07:28 GMT
Data-validation problems are sorted.  Client-side and server-side code is virtually identical - I think I've found the most efficient method of data-validation.

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